School Improvement

Health & Safety Protocols for SOL Testing

  • Staff and students must complete the VBCPS COVID-19 Self Screening Questions prior to arrival to the school building. For your reference, a link to the screening questions is located below
  • Any person or persons handling/distributing materials will wash hands or use hand sanitizer prior to and following handling of materials and wear cloth face covering/mask while preparing and distributing materials.
  • Students are required to wear a cloth face covering/mask at all times. Students are also encouraged to practice good hygiene by washing hands or using hand sanitizer.
  • Adults shall wear a face covering/mask whenever students are present in a classroom.
  • Based on room size, the number of students will vary. Seating for students will be a minimum of three feet apart.
  • All materials required to be collected will be dropped in a container individually by each student. For materials that require counting, the adults responsible for this task shall wash hands or use hand sanitizer immediately after handling materials. Otherwise, materials should be left untouched for 24 hours.
  • Prior to the testing date, schools must provide specific information to the school nurse for students that will require health accommodations.
  • Students who report to testing and then exhibit symptoms identified on the screening tool should leave the testing room and should be escorted to the school clinic.
  • A list of staff and students, as well as seating charts with the date and times in a classroom or testing room, MUST be collected and maintained should a COVID-10 contact exposure occur.